Each of us gets sometimes into a situation where we are at our wits’ end, where our education is not enough to understand them and where we are unable to find the right solution. In such situations we usually need wisdom, inspiration, assurances. In these fast-moving and confusing times, it is a balm to our spirit to open the Bible, to become immersed in it and to let the Wisdom speak to you, the Wisdom that is eternal and that rises us above everyday worries and difficulties. I am convinced that if we approximated to the Truths and if we introduced them into practical life, our society would be much healthier. Imagine, how the society would change if the Ten Commandments were observed and people acted according to the Christ’s teachings... I would like to share my experience with you since the Bible has been a leading light to me and the source of much good for me for the last 25 years as the Bible holds the instructions for life… Every second Sunday in a month (odd week), I organize “Friendly Gathering”with modern music, praises, the Word of God, discussion, coffee, tea... in the lecture room in Hus Church (Husův sbor) in Náchod at 6:00 p.m.

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